pest control services mount vernon ny

Pre-Occupancy Service

Spray before you move in to your new space in Mount Vernon or Bronx, NY

The best time to secure an apartment, house or business against pest infestations is prior to residents or business owners moving into their new premises. Openings around lines, gaps between structural elements, evidence of moisture conditions and the remains of insect and rodent activity are more visible in an empty structure. Recommended for every new home dweller and new business owner. We provide the following pre-occupancy services: 

  • Inspection and recording of pest entry points
  • Sealing of pest entry points
  • Detection of previous pest activity
  • Preventive treatment for roach and mouse activity
  • Follow up service within one month of the initial treatment
  • Determination of appropriate treatment interval.

For most businesses monthly service is required. Homes may be effectively treated monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually depending on previous conditions and the surrounding area. Team up with a skilled insect control company. Call 917-584-1306 now.

Scheduled Maintenance involves establishing the correct service interval for your site is an important aspect of Skedaddle's efforts to provide you with high quality reasonably priced pest management. Taking into consideration your location, history of pest problems, type of residence or business, and threats of infestation posed by human traffic, deliveries, refuse collection schedules and other relevant factors, we will establish a service interval that provides a high level of pest management but does not break your budget.