bed bug treatment mount vernon ny

Do You Wake Up Covered In Bug Bites?

Consider a bed bug treatment in Mount Vernon & The Bronx, NY

Bed bugs are a common pest around the world. They can hitch a ride in packages or suitcases, invading your home when you least expect it. Before you know it, you wake up in the morning with uncomfortable bug bites. If you suspect you have a bed bug problem, Skedaddle Pest Management, LLC can help.

Our bed bug treatment in Mount Vernon & The Bronx, NY will help you contain and eliminate the infestation. We'll examine your home to determine the extent of the problem and explain your options. From applying pesticides to an entire room to spraying specific areas, we'll provide a solution that works for your home.

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Trust the pros with bed bug removal

It's tempting to try to fight bed bugs on your own. But they're a resilient pest and can be tough to get rid of for good. Consider a professional bed bug treatment because...

  • Bed bugs hide deep within beds and furniture, making them hard to eliminate
  • These pests reproduce quickly, so missing even one can end up with a new infestation down the road
  • Our professional team can take care of the problem while minimizing the damage to your home

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