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Rodent Treatment

Get rid of rats and mice before they tear up your property.

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Bed Bug Treatment

Sleep peacefully by removing your bed bug infestation.

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Wasp Removal

Protect your family with professional wasp removal services.

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Eliminate all kinds of infestations to keep your property insect-free.

Do You Have A Growing Pest Problem?

Call an experienced pest control company in Mount Vernon & The Bronx, NY

Your home should be a relaxing sanctuary. If pests are making your home feel more like a battlefield, team up with Skedaddle Pest Management, LLC. Our pest control company in Mount Vernon & The Bronx, NY can get rid of all kinds of pest and mosquito problems. We'll work with you to create a solution that works for your house, clearing out pests while causing as little damage and disruption to your home as possible. You can rely on us for everything from an ant infestation in your kitchen to a serious rodent infestation affecting your entire block.

Set up pest control services by contacting us today.

We can help with all kinds of pests

Unfortunately, there's no shortage of pests in New York City. But you can rest easy when you hire our pest control company. We can help with a large range of problems, including:

You can rely on our technician to identify the extent of your problem and provide an effective solution. Call 917-584-1306 now to arrange for pest control services in the Bronx, New York.


Leave pest control to the pros

There are many reasons to let a dedicated pest control company take care of your infestation. An untrained eye might think the problem is solved, but even a few surviving bugs can recreate the infestation. With over 60 years of combined experience, our team has the skills needed to make sure the infestation is cleaned up for good.

We can also target infestations safely. Bee, hornet and wasp removal jobs are dangerous to attempt on your own. Our team has the tools, equipment and training to remove these infestations safely. Don't risk your health and safety to fight off a few pests. Contact Skedaddle Pest Management today.